1. Live Software Projects
To impart project experience to engineering students while they are still in college. Steps International has entered into strategic alliance with US based software companies to download their current projects to the Steps International trainees. The project will be a live ongoing project that is being implemented/developed in the US. The Steps trainees will develop the same project simultaneously in India under the same guidelines and time schedule as that of the team abroad. The project will be managed and monitored by the project managers from abroad. The trainees will be using the latest development tools and practices that are prevailing in a software development company. They will be exposed to the quality norms and complete SDLC. A real life simulation of the project atmosphere with regular reporting and meeting with the project management team in US. Steps trainee will be equipped to be deployed directly on to projects. The mission ready professional from Steps International will be the first choice of the industry.
2. Internship
The outstanding trainees who has demonstrated their skills and got a credible rating from their project managers will be given an opportunity to work in the internship centres that Steps will be setting in the country soon. Those interns with consistent performance will be absorbed as paid interns and will be part of the offshore development team.
3. Incubator
Great ideas remain as ideas due to lack of support and guidance to convert the idea to a successful venture. At steps, we encourage our trainees to become entrepreneurs. We will support , guide, provide management expertise and other resources to develop their idea to winning products. Be an entrepreneur while in college.
4. Content Development
Ensuring quality delivery uniformly across batches, year on year, is the challenge faced by many educational institutions. Currently it is depended on the individual trainers hence lack uniformity and scalability. Steps International will develop contents for the institution based upon the syllabus prescribed by the university/board. Session-wise deliverables that includes PPTs, charts, instructor manual, student handbook, workbook etc will be developed to ensure uniform and timely delivery of the syllabus for the students. Milestones are set so as to ensure the syllabi is delivered on time and students are better prepared. This will make learning interesting and systematic.
Training is a life long necessity to ensure constant development and evolution of a professional. Steps International’s focus is to impart high end training to trainer community. Well trained trainers with industry exposure will ensure that they lay the foundation in mentoring, industry experienced professionals.