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Welcome to Steps International! We are a group of like minded, young and ambitious professionals from the IT industry, joining hands to put the best practices together in the area of training and development. The global need for skilled and experienced manpower in the industries is yet to be optimized by enhancing exposure to the youth through live projects/internship. We are an organization who boasts about our strengths in experience of executing global projects.
Our Vision
Our vision is to become a global organisation, who will device best practices and scientific delivery methodology to develop youth to become globally competitive professionals through participation in live projects that are being executed globally, hence paving a pathway for more responsible and empowered youth for the developing nations worldwide.
Our Mission
Our mission is to provide project ready professionals to the industry by imparting the necessary project/product development skills through live project development using industry practised methodology , thereby creating graduates who are certified by organisations as industry experienced professional. Hence building an inventory of industry experienced "fresh graduates".
Our Motivation
Need for Practical training in real sense.
Our Solution
Need for participation
to Corporate Practices.
Our Result
Create Industry Experienced Professionals for the Job Markets